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I like Hockey 

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Anyways whats new other than the oilers r the best team in the nhl


Taylor Hall beats Bishop five hole on a penalty shot.

hockey giveaway !!!!!!!!!
since my main blog turned a year old recently and i just reached 400 followers i decided to have a hockey giveaway so woo hoo!!! i have a lot of jerseys, shirsheys, hats whatever but i wear them a lot and cant bear to give them away since im a hoarder so i figured why not let yall have some brand new stuff and choose whatcha want ??  i have been saving up to do this giveaway since i got 100 followers, so i hope youre all pleased!! good luck

reblogs and likes count (reblog as much as u want)
must be following me
ask box must be open
you can enter as many times as you like
no giveaway blogs please
if the winner does not respond within 24 hours, another will be chosen
the winner will receive a shirshey of choice from the nhl store, plus $100 spending money to be used at
also you will receive a dumb little note from me saying who knows what
added bonus the winner has the option of receiving my copies of goon, slapshot, mighty ducks, and miracle!! they are all opened obviously but are in great condition. the only movie i have that isnt in good condition is mighty ducks 2 which is not included
you must be comfortable giving me your address so i can ship it
the cost of shipping will be covered!!!
unfortunately, i can only ship to canada and us, since i dont have any experience with shipping overseas. sorry :(
i will be using a random generator to pick the winner (
also if the winner would prefer not to be published, then i will let everyone know that the winners been messaged
giveaway ends october 30th 10:00 PM, EST, which is a little over a month from now (sept 14)
thank u 2 all my followers for putting up w me and my dumb jokes and trash talk and also thanks for all the ego boosts every time i post a selfie love yall so much and if u guys have any questions or wanna send me anon hate message me :))))))


May you all find a hockey player boyfriend

Henrik Zetterberg shows the fans some love

In another life, Reimer should think about being a break dancer.